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Developed concept, lead editor and author

Our Communities, Our Sexual Health @ APHA Press

Madeline Y. Sutton, Jo A. Valentine, William C. Jenkins, “Preface”, Our Communities, Our Sexual Health: Awareness and Prevention for African Americans

DOI: 10.2105/9780875532752fm1

Interview with “The Nation’s Health”:

“Sutton said the book has its beginnings in 2011, when health advocates recognized 30 years of HIV in the United States. At that time, Sutton said, there was no book or volume to describe how the epidemic had disproportionately affected the black community.”

“’Many of us who contributed to this book are from disproportionately affected communities, and have witnessed the losses of friends, loved ones and patients,’ Sutton told The Nation’s Health. ‘For many of us, working in HIV has been a very personal activity.’”

“From there, Sutton began pulling together the wisdom of black health advocates and the lessons they had learned from the past 30 years in the trenches, both in the treatment and prevention of HIV.”

“The book delves deep into the social determinants of health, covering racism, high rates of incarceration, homophobia, the strength of faith communities and other factors that have an impact on black health, particularly around sexuality, Sutton said.”